About This Website

Well I guess as you’ve clicked on this link I might as well fill you in.

Welcome to TheJudoPhysio.Com, my name is Ben and this is my website, to learn more about me and my credentials click on the “About Ben” part above.

So who is this website for?

Well as it is a public website, essentially anyone.

The main role of this website is to act as a resource of information for anyone interested in martial arts or music (or both!).

If you are visiting from a non-medical background then feel free to read and learn as much or as little as you want (I won’t be offended).

If you are a clinician looking to learn the most up to date clinically evidenced techniques and methods then I am flattered and have done my best to reference repeatedly in my articles.

Either way I’ll try to keep the posts as interesting and entertaining as possible, so if they do get boring at any point please let me know.

If you have any questions either write in the comments box or drop me an email to benwhybrow@hotmail.co.uk

Feel free to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @BWhybrowPhysio

Hope you enjoy.