About Ben

Ben Whybrow Bsc (Physiotherapy), MCSP.

Ben is a Musculoskeletal, Sports & Music Physiotherapist living and working in Cambridgeshire, graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2014.


For his day job Ben works as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for the NHS in Cambridgeshire. This job is split into two slightly different roles.

Half of this job involves assessing and treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging neck pain and headaches down to foot and toe pain. The other half involves providing rehabilitation to patients who have under gone some form of orthopaedic or plastic surgery, as well as those who have suffered a severe traumatic injury (e.g. fractures) with the aim of returning to their previous lifestyle and abilities.

One of Bens main interests is in the management of martial arts athletes.

Ben is the squad physiotherapist at Comberton Judo Club whos athletes compete at National, European and International level. Ben is also the Team Physiotherapist for Tsunami MMA in Cambridge who have produced amateur and professional fighters for national  promotions such as BAMMA as well as larger organisations such as the UFC. As well as MMA fighters, the gym also produces athletes who compete in other martial arts like Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These roles involve assessing and managing any injuries the athletes develop, as well as providing comprehensive rehabilitation to ensure they return to the mat fully ready and able to compete.

These roles also allow Ben to explore his sporting clinical interest of reducing risk of injury in martial arts athletes, working closely with the coaches to develop injury risk reduction programs to keep the athletes on the mat injury free.

Ben currently has published public material on injury prevention for martial arts media organisations including the BJJEE & Jiu Jitsu Style, and currently has an advisory role with the UKBJJA.

Ben himself is a 1st Dan (Black Belt) in Judo having started at the age of six, and occasionally trains MMA and BJJ. So when he’s not managing any injuries or thinking about new injury prevention ideas he’ll be on the mat  training  with the rest of the squad (probably getting beaten up).

This puts Ben in the unique position of being one of the few physiotherapists working with martial arts athletes in the world who could compete in and have a decent understanding of martial arts itself, making him ideally suited to manage these athletes.

Outside of martial arts and the NHS Ben’s major interest is music, having played the bass guitar from the age of 15, as well as picking up the flamenco guitar more recently. His preferred music genres are rock and heavy metal, with favorites including Metallica, Pantera and Steel Panther to name a few. Just like with martial arts, Ben has a particular passion for reducing injury risk in performing artists, and for the past year has been a contributing writer to bass guitar magazine, producing articles on reducing injury risk for bassists.